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Welcome to the Best Aquaculture Practices and Global Aquaculture Alliance Web Portal!

This portal can be used by our members, facilities, Certifying Bodies and Auditors to interact with GAA and BAP, below you will find links to instructional videos to help you in using the portal.  If you have any technical questions please contact GAA at 603-317-5000 x 146

If you are applying for BAP certification you may use this online portal to complete an application for the most recent standard only.  Click here for more details on our standards.

For BAP Facilities:

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IMPORTANT NOTE - if you are working on a BAP Application or audit form you should save your work frequently by hitting the "save as draft" button.  This is a web browser and does not autosave like a word document - if you do not save and you navigate away from the page or the browser times out - your work will be lost!

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